five hundred follower special: aislen's follow forever

As a huge thank you for reaching the milestone of 500 followers recently today, I thought I’d make a follow forever. Please don’t be mad if you’re not included, I promise I love you all to the end of time! No one is loved less or loved more. I spent, like, two hours on this, so. Sorry this isn’t alphabetical, too, I’m such a lazy ass. In any case, thanks so much for 500, and thank you for being an amazing person, as well as being beautiful. You might wanna use CTRL+F to find yourself in this whole thing.

so i only met you guys when we were working on the rp but yall are my family.

kay, steph, hannah (too lazy to ask yall for your blogs)

we've talked several times and i love you all already.

belindarps, casparleehelps, gemmastylesofrp, tayorps, allieofrph

we need to talk more because you're pretty cool.

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you're my inspiration to be honest.

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i went through my whole following list for you guys. you better feel special. i follow over eight hundred.

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I was walking and I found this little cottage with a stream/pond and it was the cutest thing

"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all."

—Helen Keller, The Open Door (via observando)